Caller-id remembers your number and automatically plays the last extension you checked or places you in update mode of the last extension you updated. You do not have to enter the extension or pin number making things much quicker and easier.
Text Messaging
Players can enter their cell phone's email address on the extensions webpage and be notified by text message everytime the status is updated
Enter a detailed status description on the website and it will be converted to speech to be played to callers
Web audio player
Record a detailed status description via phone and the website will provide an audio player to play the recording on the website
No Busy Signals
We maintain over-capacity using VoIP services which means no busy signals
No Cost
There is no charge for the service and you do not need to pay for phone lines
Easy Setup
Setup any extension on the website in 2 minutes. No need to share a single line with multiple teams slowing down the update and checking process.
Record Your Own Extension Name
The system will pronounce whatever name you entered for callers. If you do not like its pronunciation, you can record your own by calling 877-474-8246 and entering extension*pin*9#.