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Is It A Go is a team or facility "Rain-out line" service. Rain-out lines can be created on the website and then updated/checked via telephone at 877-Is-It-A-Go (877-474-8246) and the web at http://isitago.com. Players can also "subscribe" to a rain-out line and receive text-messages everytime it is updated.

Here is an Example Rain-out Line web page screenshot viewable at http://isitago.com/233 which can be updated or checked by phone at 877-474-8246 ext 233#

Example Rain-out Line

How Much Is It?

FREE! Is It A Go is free. At some point in the future we may place non-obtrusive advertisements on the website and provide a short 5-8 second ad to callers checking a status via phone.

Summary of Service

Event participants (ie. league sports players) and facility users (ie. swimmers) often travel to an event/facility when it has been canceled or closed, or do not travel to the event/facility thinking it has been canceled or closed when it has not. The existing method to prevent this is through numerous phone calls to the event/facility coordinator or multiple calls between participants at a tremendous cost of time to both the coordinator and the participants. This process is so cumbersome it is often not attempted which results in wasted time and resources (gas/mileage).

Is It A Go allows event or facility coordinators to quickly update the status of events or facilities from a telephone or Internet connected device. The status is updated with a general yes-no-maybe indicator as well as an optional detailed explanation. This explanation is recorded audio when updated from the phone or typed text (which is converted to audio) when updated via Internet. The three main status indicators are:

  1. It's A Go - the event will proceed as scheduled or the facility is open
  2. Questionable - conditions prevent a definitive answer
  3. No Go - the event is canceled or the facility is closed

Event participants and facility users can quickly check the status by phone or Internet prior to traveling to the event or facility. They are told the status of the event/facility, how recently it was updated, and a detailed status message (if supplied by the coordinator).

Example Call to Ext 24733
"Brandon High School Flag Football. Our status is, It's A Go! Last updated 22 minutes ago. Perfect weather conditions. Meet on the field at 10am."

Get Started

To set up your own Is It A Go extension, simply click the "Create New" link on the main page of the website. The extension creation form is very short and does not require any personal information except for an email address which can be used for password/pin recovery and to assign "ownership" of your extension number. Your email address will never be used for any other communication and won't be shared or sold to 3rd parties.

Once you have created your extension, give it out to all your participants or advertise it at your facility. Be sure to keep it updated timely so people know they can count on its accuracy.

For more information on accessing and updating an extension's status, visit the Instructions page.

Targeted Uses

  • League Sports
Little League
  • Swimming Pools
  • Beach Surf Report
  • Traffic Construction - for temporary route closures