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Creating a New Status Extension

Anyone can create a free extension to keep track of a status for an event or facility. The process is a simple one page form and does not collect any personal identification information. Instructions are provided on the form itself which can be accessed by clicking the "Create New" link on the website.

Record Your Own Extension Name

If you do not like the way the system pronounced your extension's name, you can record it yourself.

  1. Call the service at 877-474-8246
  2. Enter the following sequence at the main menu (hit 0 to get to the main menu if not your first time calling)
    That's the extension number, asterisk, pin number, asterisk, and the number 9 followed by the pound key
  3. That should prompt you to record and will replace the system recording of your name. NOTE: you should record the name only. The status of your extension will be updated separately.

Checking and Updating Status Extensions

Is It A Go can be accessed from telephone, website, RSS feeds, and other Internet connected devices such as Chumby. Click a link below to see instructions for a specific device.