First Call To Check Status

  1. Call 877-474-8246 (877-Is-It-A-Go)
  2. During the voice prompt, enter the extension number followed by the pound key.
  3. The extension name will be announced followed by the status, time since last update, and detailed status recording (if provided)
Example Call to Ext 24733
"Brandon High School Flag Football. Our status is, It's A Go! Last updated 22 minutes ago. Perfect weather conditions. Meet on the field at 10am."

First Call to Update Status

  1. Call 877-474-8246 (877-Is-It-A-Go)
  2. During the voice prompt, enter the extension number and pin in the format extension*pin#
  3. This will play the extension name, instructions for updating the status, then the current status. At any time during these recordings you may push a status key to update the status. These are:
  • 1 = It's A Go (the event will proceed as scheduled or the facility is open)
  • 2 = Questionable (the status can not be determined at this time)
  • 3 = No Go (the event has been canceled or the facility is closed)

If you update the status it will clear the old status detailed message and prompt you to record a new one. Hit 5 to begin recording and # to stop. When you record the status detail message via phone, the extension's webpage will reflect the message is recorded audio and require the web visitor to click listen to hear the message.

Repeat Calls

Subsequent calls to the service from the same telephone number will automatically play the status of the last extension you called. After playing the status message you will be prompted to enter a new extension if you would like to check another. If you want to skip the playback of the first message and proceed directly to enter a new extension, hit 0 and wait for the new prompt.

If you are an event/facility coordinator and updated the status of an extension on the last call, it will automaitcally put you in the status update mode of that extension (so long as the PIN has not changed since your last call). You can immediately update the status during this time and record a new status detail message.